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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free demo account work?
The free demo account is set up for individuals who wish to practice trading but with no money at risk. The account is funded with virtual dollars and designed for purposes of practising how to place orders and use all of the account features. The demo account is a great way to get started. The results on the demo account are hypothetical and no representation is made that any account will or is likely to achieve actual profits or losses similar to those achieved in the practice account. Conditions in the practice account cannot always reasonably reflect all of the market conditions that may affect pricing and execution in a live trading environment.

What happens after my free trial/demo acconunt expires?
If you wish to continue trading with the demo account, you can simply extend it by another 30 days by contacting us at any time

How much money do I need to open a live account?
$5,000 to set up a Futures account.
$2,500 to open a FOREX account

How long does it take to open an account?
All account applications are processed online and can therefore be set up quickly and easily.

Can I transfer an existing account to your company?
Yes, you can transfer funds directly from another brokerage firm and, where applicable, positions from another brokerage firm.

What kind of intraday margin would I have if I opened an account with Mason Dean Capital?
Depending on your trading style, the intraday margin would be 2 times the overnight buying power to 8 times the overnight buying power. Mason Dean Capital is very aggressive with buying power for the individual high-volume trader.

What type of accounts are available to open?
Individual, Joint, Corporate, Partnership, or IRA. You may also open a managed account in which someone else trades.

How do I request to receive funds from my account?
Login to your Customer Portal and choose outgoing wire/check request under the Banking menu. Your request will be reviewed and go out within 12 hours.

How do I know if my account was successfully opened?
You will be notified immediately via email that will contain all of you pertinent account information.

Do you offer 24 hours support?
No, but our trade desk is open to customers with open positions during market hours.